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Cross-sell to multiple mainstream marketplaces in real time.

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Access time-saving analytics previously available to only large businesses.

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Proprietary AI manages your listing to ensure the highest amount of engagement.

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Selling more is easy with AI

Benefits of selling with Foxtail

With AI Selling Assistant

Without AI

Strategic meta tags added automatically to boost listing views

Auto populate ALL listing fields, including listing descriptions, instantly to save time and hassle

Automated delisting

Automated adjustments to boost listing ranking on marketplaces

Reach more shoppers with our 24/7 AI Assistant

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Say goodbye to manual delisting! Achieve a higher ranking on marketplaces

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Listing & Sales Optimization

Algorithm responses & listing setup ensure that your listing is getting max visibility no matter what marketplace it’s on

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Sync your marketplaces with our step- by-step process

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Easily Import or Create listings: upload photos, set title, and our AI populates ALL the listing fields automatically.

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List on your marketplaces of choice with the click of a button.

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