Whether you’re just starting out or have already built a 6+ figure reselling business, you’ve likely realized that crosslisting is a critical component to save time and increase exposure and sales of your listings.

What you might not know is that there’s a new technology available as of lately that can dramatically reduce your time compared to legacy crosslisters, but also increase the quality of listings and ranking of your marketplace accounts while boosting traffic and sales exponentially via Artificial Intelligence. Until recently, with the advance of language processing automation tools, some resellers can even have many expects of their listings written instantly; including descriptions and SEO keywords/meta tags. 

Save Time With Your Crosslisting and Item Descriptions

A typical reseller spends between 1 to 5 minutes writing product descriptions per listing. So, if you are selling 50 items a month that adds up quickly! You always have the option to modify/remove/retry the AI generated description so you’re in control, however most people find that our AI content generator actually produces significantly better descriptions. AI generated descriptions are never generic, are entirely original and never plagiarized, and based on research from over 100 million of the most successful product listings in the last 10 years.

Optimize Your Ebay, Merkari, or Poshmark Listing

Saving time is great, but you know what’s better? Making more money! The best way to do that is to improve listing quality and SEO ranking. Crosslisting AI is capable of doing both of these things to an extent that users now see a significant and measurable amount of new traffic and sales of their listings, while having a shorter time to sell which means you can scale your business faster and invest in growth. 

Let’s break it down: when we talk about Optimization we’re really talking about the two component that make up the sales component of a reselling business:

Listing quality the way your listing preview appears to shoppers when they browse or search within a marketplace, as well as the structure and content of your product page itself (photos, descriptions, price, shipping terms, etc)

SEO ranking– the likelihood that potential buyers will actually see your listing – this is primarily achieved by reaching the top ~10 results from a shoppers keyword search

Foxtail’s ListBooster features actively work in the background from listing creation to post-listing and even after a sale because it’s designed specifically to meet best practices specific to each marketplaces SEO algotherm. Foxtail was also founded and designed by 8+figure ecom veterans that are experts in conversion optimization (converting visitors to customers on product pages).

Reduce Marketplace Shadowbans and Improve Security

Have you ever had a marketplace storefront or account randomly drop off the map and see little to no sales after a solid sales streak? This is becoming a more common scenario within the past few years as the market has become more saturated with sellers – a response to which marketplaces like Poshmark, eBay, Etsy, Mercari, and several others have designed elaborate ranking scores behind the scenes on each individuals storefronts. Similar to a social media algorithm, a high score allows you to be seen more by users (shoppers) and a low score limits and can even sometimes halt all occurrences of your products being seen.

Foxtail AI works proactively behind the scenes to get ahead of these negative rankings by adjusting things like price, writing relevant and original content within descriptions and meta tags, while using an AI bot system to connect and list to marketplaces rather than the browser-extension based system used by many legacy crosslisters.

This allows our users accounts to always stay one step ahead of ranking algorithms. 

Artificial Intelligence does more than just save time and boost listings, it is also used within the crosslisting program itself to do a better job of appealing to each marketplaces complex and often changing account ranking algorithms.  

Many legacy crosslisting services have general automation built in by design through features like auto relist/delist for example, and while Foxtail also has all of those features, we take it a step further by automating the interface as well – you can do everything in one easy to use mobile or web app and won’t ever have to work from multiple browser windows, or visit individual marketplace accounts again!

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