There are about a dozen different crosslister apps and browser extensions on the market, but which ones will truly make your life easiest as a reseller?

After spending the past year researching all of the features and functionalities we’ve put together this simple guide. 

We admit to being biased about why Foxtail has the most complete list of features, functionality and security – so do your own research and check out summary of the top apps for resellers below. 

Foxtail AI: 

Foxtail is a new crosslisting tool that builds on many popular crosslisting apps, while adding significant listing exposure to increase sales conversion rates and reduce the amount of time sellers will spend listing items.

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence software writes product descriptions for resellers that are optimized for sales based on data from millions of successful reseller listings. 


Extremely easy to use, flexible pricing starting at $19/mo and a free trial. 

It is not a browser extension and can also easily be managed via your apple/android device as well as through your web browser. 


As of December, 2022 Foxtail has limited access for the first 100 beta-users, you’ll have to join the waitlist.


Vendoo is a crosslister for resellers who want to list their products on multiple marketplaces. 

It offers a free trial or a paid version with a monthly fee. 

Pros: active facebook community for resellers to share questions and insights. They also seem to do a good job of creating new features often.

Cons: mobile app is still in beta with mixed reviews from customers. You can read them all here. It appears that Vendoo is developed overseas by a team of developers instead of being coded by a leading team in the US. 


ListPerfectly is another great crosslister for resellers. It offers a free trial and a low monthly fee, making it a great option for small businesses. 

Pros: well established with good customer support

Cons: Listperfecty does not have a mobile app which is inconvenient for resellers who want to simply run their business from a mobile phone. 


OneShop is a fairly new crosslister for resellers who want to list and manage their products on multiple marketplaces from their phone rather than computer. It offers a free trial and a slightly higher starting price compared to Vendoo and ListPerfectly, making it a great option for small businesses. 

Pros: Simple to use, but fairly limited features. It is not a browser extension so it is a faster experience than other applications.

Cons: Oneshops web application is extremely basic with limited features and functionality. They do not have an inventory system, photo hosting, or bulk relisting and delisting services.

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